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Manual SVOD
Manual SVOD
(in Czech only)
Software SVOD (Software for Visualizing of Oncological Data) is being developed since the year 2000 as an universal tool for visualizing and analyses of population oncological data and data from oncological registries, especially from National Oncological Register of the Czech Republic. Software SVOD is designed as an analytical tool over existing databases and it does not replace their storage functions. It offers analytical and graphical services and interpreted outputs in presentation form. Functions and services of SVOD are universal and can be used for data processing from any healthcare register or complex database.

Creation of the portal is financially supported by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic in context of National healthcare quality programme. The web portal is managed by Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno, Centre of Biostatistics and Analyses of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science of Masaryk University in Brno and University Oncological Centre of Faculty of Medicine in Brno.

Software SVOD

Current state
In the most recent version of the SVOD software there are 91 diagnoses of malignant tumors available (C00-C97, D03, D05, D06) from the years 1977-2002 (1 229 401 records).

SVOD distribution
Software SVOD is not being distributed and at present time is available only to oncological scientists. Malignant tumor data are available for the public via epidemiological analyses in the Portal of Epidemiology of Malignant Tumors in the Czech Republic.

SVOD technology

Použitý programovací jazyk SVOD software is written in Microsoft Visual C++ programming language. This language is based on ISO standards, therefore can be considered as on of the most "standard" languages currently used. C++ language is object-oriented and enables well-arranged entry of reusable code. An object-oriented WTL (Windows Template Library) was used as the base for the program.

Communication protocols
SVOD software used SQL (Simple Query Language) interface to communicate with database machine. This language is used by majority of today's database systems. That's why SVOD stands for an universal client, being able to connect either to local data on hard disc or remote database on central server. SQL communicates with underlying database machine via OLEDB interface. This allows usage of TCP/IP protocol and ensures scalability of the whole system.

Database type
Local SVOD database uses MS Access 97 database file. This file is accessed via OLEDB using SQL language. MS Access database is used due to high performance and easy access to the data.

SVOD data model
Data model consists of several primary tables with anonymised data from NOR, demographic data and other supplemental data. A set of indexes and aggregated data for some types of analyses is present too.

Technical support

In case of problems or questions you can use the following communication channels:

  • email: support@cba.muni.cz
  • phone: +420 549 495 288

SVOD discussion forum

Who is the forum intended for?
The main purpose of SVOD discussion forum is to provide easily accessible platform for scientific discussion over the goals and outputs of SVOD software and over more general topics related to informatics in healthcare or oncological data in the Czech Republic. SVOD development team hopes that it can initiate a productive discussion bringing new suggestions for development of the software. The development itself could become a public topic, bringing any user the possibility to influence the development process.

Discussion forum entry point (using internet viewer):
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Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Science of the Masaryk University in BrnoMasaryk Memorial Cancer Institute

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